Energy & Sport Drinks in Children & Adolescents

Energy & Sport Drinks in Children & Adolescents

Sport drinks and energy drinks are dangerous for our youth!

The Canadian Pediatric Society has fired a warning shot across the bow of society regarding their concerns over the consumption of sport drinks and caffeinated energy drinks by youth.

In the opening statement,the authors of the October 2017 Position Statement got straight to the point saying,“ Both sports drinks and CEDs pose potential risks for the health of children and adolescents and may contribute to obesity.” (CEDs, Caffeinated Energy Drinks)

They go on to say. “Sports drinks are generally unnecessary for children engaged in routine or play-based activity.”

The authors of this powerful position statement are calling for more education for parents of children and a more proactive approach from health care providers to raise awareness of the dangers these products pose to our children.

Dr. Catherine Pound, a pediatrician and researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and a co-author of the statement, said that consuming energy drinks with ca can cause serious side-effects, especially in those with underlying health conditions, such as children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Potential adverse effects of caffeine include anxiety, interference with sleep, heart rhythm abnormalities and in rare cases even death, as well as irritability, vomiting and diarrhea, Pound said.

We need to be more aware and until a better options shows itself water water water.

Read the Position Statement from The Canadian Pediatric Society here:

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