Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

When should I drink my KP Sport?

KP Sport Performance Drink is designed to fuel your performance – in game, in practice and while training. We have two suggested protocols;

  1. Recreational Athletes: Use KP Sport as a better option to replace whatever product you are currently using.
  2. High Performance Protocol: We tell our athletes to start drinking KP Sport as soon as they begin lacing up their shoes and then have one serving for every hour of activity alternating with water.

Some of our players like to chug it down, some like to sip it over time. Either way is okay.

I am a baseball player and I have tried pretty much every drink on the market. Why did KP Sport decide to go sport specific.

Until now athletes from all sports have been using the same type of drinks. It has never made sense to us. For example why fuel a basketball player the same as a golfer? It does not make any sense.

We went to great lengths to understand the different energy demands of the various sports which we had to calibrate both the type of fuel and the amount of fuel required to meet sport demands.

It is not as simple as just taking more or less of a carbohydrate or sugar. We had to consider the sport demands such as the fuel the your body uses, the amount of fuel used and how that fuel impacts both the brain and body. We did all of this to come up with a product that targets the sport you are playing, the practice that you commit to and the training that helps you perform at your best.

How does KP Sport help my mental game?

This is the very essence of our “Switch the Brain – Switch the Game®”.

It took us years of research and decades of Board Approved Human In-Vivo Clinical Trials clinical trials to fully understand and master our strategy for delivering the proper type and amount of fuel to support performance in both the brain & body.

To maximize performance the brain must first be activated to be ready to relay the performance signals to the body. In order for this to happen it is imperative to supply both the brain and body with “burnable carbs” – usable fuel that will convert to useable energy.

Nutrient intake modifies the level of insulin that is transported into the brain and the release of insulin in the brain. If the type and amount of nutrient intake does not match the brain and body’s energy demands/needs performance will suffer.

When the brain or body run out of usable fuel hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can set in and the result can be fatigue, irritation, shakiness and mental fogginess which inhibit optimum performance.

Our Key Code Fuel® has been designed to carry a specific combination of carbohydrates that maintain a proper blood sugar status while providing “burnable” fuel for the brain and muscle. This is equally important in preventing reactive-hypoglycemia, which impacts performance, fast-thinking and learning, both of which are crucial in sports.

This must also be calibrated for sport specificity considering both the intensity and duration of the activity being performed.

Should I change my pre-game, pre- exercise eating to use KP Sport?

No, do not change your pre-game, pre-exercise strategy. If you have found a pre-game, pre-exercise strategy that works keep it going.

KP Sport is formulated to fuel your in-game performance and to help you get the very most out of your practice and training.

Take your KP Sport during your game, practice or training. We get our athletes to start drinking KP Sport as soon as they are lacing up their shoes or getting ready to play, practice or train.

For recreational athletes you can use KP sport just as you do any other performance drink.
For our elite athletes, one serving as they are getting ready and then one serving every hour of action.

Is KP Sport only for Professional Athletes?

KP Sport is for all levels of athletes. KP Sport Baseball is formulated for all baseball and softball players. Anyone looking to get better or to get the most out of their practice and training, that is who KP Sport is for.

We often say look to the professionals if you want to find out what you should be doing. While we were originally inspired to start KP Sport for our Pro players, KP Sport High Performance Mix is for humans who play ball.