Does it make sense to fuel a Baseball player the same as a Golfer? How about a Football player versus a Soccer player? Or an Endurance athlete versus a Power athlete.

Not a chance! It makes no sense – never has and never will!

So, what's your game®?

Soccer in the spring, Baseball in the summer, Football in the fall, Hockey in the winter?

Our mission is to deliver safe high-quality functional sport products to optimize performance. We are committed to Clean Sport. KP Sport® follows strict quality assurance guidelines. Our products are NSF Certified for Sport® giving athletes, coaches and sport organizations the confidence needed to make safe decisions regarding their supplements.

Our Story

Fuel for Your game!

Bottom line… We need something better! So I started the search, for not just something better but something that did not exist. I needed something that I could truly endorse to my athletes and athletes everywhere.

There was NOTHING!

Nothing that gave me what I wanted – what I needed to help my athletes get a step closer to achieving their potential and to finding out what it is truly like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. NOTHING…every single product on the market was just a remix of what already existed and none of it is good enough. There was no choice – we had to CREATE IT!

Was it even possible to create a product that could meet my expectations? One that I would & could truly endorse to my athletes and be proud to take to the world. A product that made sense as we pushed physical training to new limits I needed the fuel that would allow us to work the way we needed to work, recover the way we needed to recover and perform… where no one has performed before!!

I work with some of the best athletes on the planet. Baseball players, Hockey and Football players. I work to get the most out of my Endurance athletes, Strength and Power athletes, Elite Squash, Golfers, Skaters and you know what makes no sense to me at all?

They all head down to the corner store and grab the same sport drink!!

It’s wrong… all wrong!

You see, we have a total grip on the physical preparation. But how do we get there faster??? Train harder, recover quicker and perform better???

My quest to find the answer to sport-specific performance began.

It was clear that the product did not exist and there was nothing on the market that was right.

I searched for years to find answers, a quest that led me to the most incredible science team I could imagine. They were so far ahead of current conventional thinking in science and strategies for nutrition and biochemistry solutions.
We then assembled the most incredible science team possible and it all started with a question: “Jeff what do you need”.

This was the beginning of KP Sport® What’s Your Game®

The Key Code Fuel® Carbohydrate System – All-Natural, No Artificial Sweeteners, Non-Ketogenic, Certified Low Glycemic

Key Code Fuel® the Future of Sport Performance Nutrition

– Jeff Krushell
Athletic Talent Development Specialist and Professional Strength & Conditioning Consultant